We Can't Reach You, Hartford
An investigative history of the Hartford Circus Fire of July 6th, 1944. Nominated for a Fringe First at the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
In the twilight of his life, famed photographer Matthew Brady must choose between the life he has built and the legacy he wants to leave behind.
Tone Clusters
Renowned prose author Joyce Carol Oates explores honesty, perspective, and denial through one couple's harrowing attempt to save the person they love
Saturday, December 08, 2007
You didn't think we forgot about you...
Faithful friends (friend? friends?),

It's been a while, we know, but here's a bit of a sneak peak at what TASP is up to now:

1. The American Story Project was accepted into the Ontological-Hysteric Theater's Short Form series, where we will develop our newest piece, tentatively titled "What I Took in my Hands" (formerly "These Wings of Lead"). Beginning inside the Spirit of St. Louis midway through its trans-Atlantic journey, as Lindbergh grapples with the idea of his oncoming fame, "What I Took in My Hand" follows Lindbergh through the death of his son, his manic attempts to build a machine to cheat death, and his eventual reconciliation with his own mortality as he digs his own grave. Far from a sober retelling of the facts of Lindbergh's life, "What I Took in my Hand" also features time travel, phantom children, metaphysics, and a metronomic human heart. Basically, TASP is afraid of growing up. And we want to talk about it. WITIMH features many of the TASP usual suspects and some new faces. Casting mostly TBD, although Mike James is slotted to play Lindbergh 1: The Spirit of St. Louis. The play will be presented at the Ontological theater in May and in smaller installments beginning in January.

2. TASP is also planning an upcoming collaboration with current P73 Fellow Krista Knight.

So brush up on your Walter Benjamin, folks, we're back in action.
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