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An investigative history of the Hartford Circus Fire of July 6th, 1944. Nominated for a Fringe First at the 2006 Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
In the twilight of his life, famed photographer Matthew Brady must choose between the life he has built and the legacy he wants to leave behind.
Tone Clusters
Renowned prose author Joyce Carol Oates explores honesty, perspective, and denial through one couple's harrowing attempt to save the person they love
Friday, January 18, 2008
My New Years Resolution Was to Blog More. Oops.
So the blog is back from a holiday vacation that was much longer than I intended. Very very exciting things on the horizon. The first part of WITIMH’s (What I Took in My Hand for those of you not in the know) goes up in just over a week (gah!). I saw my first run-through of the show on Wednesday and I have to say, things are coming together marvelously. Jess has done a really wonderful job of combining a lot of different elements (sound, puppets, a rickety plane, and a new, improved, Core-strengthened Mike James). She somehow manages to make a guy standing on top of a box talking to himself for 10 minutes actually interesting. And for the first time ever, she’s actually following the stage directions I’ve written in (seriously, the first time ever. The girl’s a maverick.). There’s obviously still a lot to be done (I’m rewriting part of the last speech right now), but there’s a lot of promise here. And a ton of ambition. Your little theater company is growing up so fast!

Outside of the rehearsal room, my work on WITIHM Part Two proceeds at its normal snail’s pace. Part Two, tentative title: “First He Giveth…,” (SPOILER ALERT!) is largely concerned with the infamous Lindbergh kidnapping. I’m throwing a lot of different (possibly impossible to actually stage) things at it right now. We’ll see what sticks. A special Trial of the Century edition of Dramaturgical Detritus to follow soon.
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